My fitness journey!

So today is the 1st january 2017 and like the majority of people out there i have made a promise to myself to take control of my health and fitness. Over the last 5-10 years my weight has been up and down but its eventually took me to this point in my life were im the heaviest ive ever been.
Ill start of by saying that from a child upto entering my 20s my weight was never really an issue. I took part in sports and was always on the move then i got lazy and greedy, it happens to the best of us. Midway through my 20s id noticed that id put a bit of extra weight on so took up running. I took it to the point were i was getting quite confident and entered myself into a local 5k run, by the end of that run id have hit my first setback in being fit and healthy. During that run i started feeling pain in my shins that only got worse as i got further to the finish line. I eventually finished the 5k and quickly found out that running would be quite difficult from then on as i had developed shin splints in both shins.

After not being able to run my fitness took a dive and my weight gained again until a few years later someone who i worked with introduced me to a weightlifting program that he had been researching to do himself so as a joint challenge we both decided to take on this training program. After 6 months i was cruising, my weight had dropped massively and i was not only looking better but feeling it too. Things were looking up and i decided to go on holiday as a treat to myself for all the hard work id put in all year, unknown to me this holiday would bring on my second setback in my goal of being fit. It was the third night of the holiday and i while out dancing i somehow broke my fibula in my right leg and would require surgery to have a metal bar inserted. I was unable to train for months and i eventually fell back into old habits and again piled on the weight.

Anyway as a first time blogger im putting my journey down in writing for anyone to read. Tomorrow I will be starting the same training routine that i did before and i am aiming to update my blog at least twice a week. I will do a weekly weight and body fat % update on a monday aswell as trying to post other health and fitness related posts.

Thats all for now ill be back tomorrow to post my starting weight and to talk about my first workout.



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