The first hurdle

Today was my first workout day of the year and i feel good, tired but good. My motivation is high and i finally blew the dust of my weights.
The last time i started doing weight training i originally joined a gym. I quickly found out that my local gym didnt have that much equipment and that i was constantly waiting for the one and only olympic bar that they had. Another problem with this was that one piece of equipment was all that i used in the gym and my workout would last 45mins to 1 hour and id have people asking to use the bar when i was half way though my sets meaning id sometimes be in the gym for twice as long as i should. After a month or so i was fed up and decided to invest in my own equipment to use at home whenever i pleased. 

Onto my workout, i use a plan called stronglifts 5×5. I know from past experience that this program works for me and i know it makes me stronger, builds muscle and sheds the fat. It is 3 workouts per week and each workout has 3 excersises to do. To complete the exercise once is called a repetition, to complete a number of repetitions is called a set. If you complete all reps and sets you complete that weight and add 2.5kg (5kg for deadlift) next time.
There are two different workouts, A and B. Each workout is alternated so week 1 would go: A-B-A, Then week 2 would continue: B-A-B

Workout A 

Squat- 5 reps x 5 sets

Bench press- 5 reps x 5 sets

Barbell row- 5 reps x 5 sets

Workout B
Squat- 5 reps x 5 sets

Overhead press- 5 reps x 5 sets

Deadlift- 5 reps x 1 set

Today i completed workout A 
Squat 5×5 @ 37.5kg

Bench 5×5 @ 40kg

Barbell 5×5 @ 40kg
I also weighed myself and took my body fat % 115.1kg @ 25.5%. I will do a post at the weekend to go into more detail on this. 


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