Week 1 review

Hello, liquiduso here to do my end of week review. Ill start off with Monday and say it felt good to be back doing some exercise. My motivation was high and I got through mondays workout with no problems. Tuesday however i woke up sore and could barely walk but i plodded on through and made it to Wednesdays workout. It was very hard as I was still sore from Monday but just managed to get my workout finished. By thursday i felt much better and was looking forward to fridays workout. Today was workout 3 and went great, im still bursting with motivation and now cant wait till monday to start it all again. Ive taken some screen shots of my 3 workouts that i have completed.

Diet wise this weeks not been so great. This is one area that I really need to concentrate on. With the mayhem of christmas and new year ive not really had time to get a good shop in so ive not been so strict with my food this week. Ill be going shopping over the weekend to get in some healthy foods. On a good note though i got a delivery of protein powder at the end of last year so ive started having a protein shake after workouts or if im hungry. 

For anyone wondering what app im using its stronglifts 5×5 app heres a link



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