Week 1 weigh in

Hello, Liquiduso here with my monday weigh in update. Starting weight and body fat: 115.1kg@25.5%

I Woke up this morning and first thing I did was go and do my caliper measurements and weigh myself. My caliper measurement was the same as last week at 26mm which from the graph with my age at 33 im 25.5% body fat.

The suprising point this week is that I weighed in at 113.4kg meaning that ive lost 1.7kg. To go further to see how much actual fat ive lost ive used my body fat % in an equation. More information on this is covered in my post weight, body fat and BMI. Heres a link: 



115.1/100×25.5=29.4kg body fat weight

115.1-29.4=85.7kg non body fat weight

Week 1

113.4/100×25.5=28.9kg body fat weight

113.4-28.9=84.5kg non body fat weight

As you can see from week 1 body fat weight ive lost 0.5kg of fat. Its a start and im already looking forward to next monday, with my diet hopefully improving over the next few weeks im hoping to really start bringing that figure down.


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