Week 2 review.

Hello, liquiduso here to talk about my week 2 review. After last week i had a nice rest at the weekend and was all ready for mondays workout when it came around. Both monday and wednesdays workouts went well and I completed them with no problems, as for todays workout I really struggled to get the motivation to start my workout. I just felt tired but my wife stepped in and told me to get it done and stop complaining. Once id started it though i felt good and completed all weights. Overall this week ive noticed a big difference even though ive only been doing this for 2 weeks i already feel less achy and more flexible, even though im gradually increasing the weight its getting easier to do the actual exercises for now at least. 

My diet this week has been fairly good. Ive been eating plenty protein in the form of eggs and chicken aswell as my protein powder. I still find myself snacking on crisps and chocolate sometimes but im looking into more healthy snacks that can take their place. 

So heres to another week over and a rest over the weekend. 


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