Week 2 weigh in

Hello, Liquiduso here with my monday weigh-in update. Starting weight and body fat: 115.1kg@25.5%

So its monday morning again and first thing on my list is to go and do my caliper measurement and weigh myself. After just a few weeks my caliper measurements have come down from 26mm to 24mm. From the graph im now at 24.5% body fat so im glad its going in the right direction.

As for my weight, I weighed in at 113.6kg. This is only a slight increase of 0.2kg from last week but as my fat percentage has come down im not to worried. If you take a look at my week 2 equation it actually shows that ive lost weight in fat and from the look of it put a little muscle on too.


115.1/100×25.5=29.4kg body fat weight

115.1-29.4=85.7kg non body fat weight

Week 1

113.4/100×25.5=28.9kg body fat weight

113.4-28.9=84.5kg non body fat weight

Week 2

113.6/100×24.5=27.8kg body fat weight

113.6-27.8=85.3kg non body fat weight


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