Week 3 weigh in

Hello, Liquiduso here with my monday weigh-in update. Starting weight and body fat: 115.1kg@25.5%

Monday morning has arrived again and its that time of the week. Ive just taken my caliper measurement and it has come down again to 23/22mm, it was about inbetween them. From the graph im now at 23.4% body fat so again im delighted that its falling.

Suprised again this week and it just shows that if you stick to youre workouts and eat relatively sensible you will loose weight. My diet last week wasnt completely clean, i ate the likes of bacon and sausage for breakfast and even had a cheat meal on friday of a quarter pounder cheese burger and chips with mayo from a pizza place. It just needs to be balanced, id have probably lost more if id been more strict but from past experience if i completely stop eating food i enjoy i usually go on a binge, so i usually allow for myself to have a cheat meal on a weekend. Even this cheat meal can be quite “healthy”. A favourite of mine is a chicken kebab, grilled chicken with salad in a pitta you cant go wrong. Anyway I weighed in at 112.6kg which is a 1kg loss since last week so im still really happy with this result. If you take a look at my week 3 equation it again shows that ive lost weight in fat and put muscle on again, so again im happy with the way things are going.
115.1/100×25.5=29.4kg body fat weight

115.1-29.4=85.7kg non body fat weight
Week 1

113.4/100×25.5=28.9kg body fat weight

113.4-28.9=84.5kg non body fat weight
Week 2

113.6/100×24.5=27.8kg body fat weight

113.6-27.8=85.3kg non body fat weight
Week 3

112.6/100×23.4=26.3kg body fat weight

112.6-26.3=86.3kg non body fat weight


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